Lakers injury

Lakers injury, Lakers’ Russell Westbrook out in the game. Nuggets on Wednesday with an injury to his hamstring

Russell Westbrook will not be playing on this Wednesday in the game against the Denver Nuggets, sources from the team informed the Athlete’s Shams Charania. Also the sophomore guard Austin Reaves is expected to take his place.

Westbrook who has played in his stint in the Lakers for the third game, suffering with a hamstring strain that was sustained during Los Angeles’ final preseason game on October. 14. In the match, Westbrook was used in an emergency role on the bench.

Why Los Angeles Lakers injury

The Lakers have lost their first three games with Westbrook scoring 10.3 scores, 6.7 rebounding as well as 4.3 assists over 28.7 minutes. Westbrook is shooting only 28.9 percentage from behind the ball. The critics have identified Westbrook’s lack of offensive speed as the main reason behind the Lakers the team’s skid in the season’s opening game.

When asked earlier on Tuesday if it was possible to alter the lineup for the team’s game against the Nuggets Coach Darvin Ham responded, “Not today.” The Athletic confirmed that Westbrook was a part of his team in Denver. Westbrook was thought to be in doubt prior to Wednesday’s game, so his absence was not unusual.

The previous season, Reaves played in 19 games in which he averaged 9.1 points. He also had 4.1 rebound as well as 2.5 assists.

Lakers injury report Today 2022

Lakers injury
Lakers injury

Westbrook stated following the injury, that coming off the bench during his preseason match “absolutely” played a part in the injury to the hamstring.

“I’ve been doing the same thing for 14 years straight,” Westbrook stated. “Honestly I didn’t know what I should do prior to the game. To be honest I had to work out how I could remain warm and comfortable. For me, evidently how I play the game is fast-paced, quick, stop and go. Then, just as I was about to as I was substituted in, I felt something. It could be … I wasn’t sure what it was however I didn’t want to put myself in danger in a preseason match. However, it wasn’t something that I was accustomed to. The temperature wasn’t quite sufficiently warm. However, that’s something I was not used to.”

Westbrook’s absence on Wednesday will temporarily resolve the question concerning his position as an opener and a closer in the lineup. For his replacement Reaves, the Lakers were considering the possibility of starting Reaves prior to the start of the year. The team may also consider the Juan Toscano Anderson as well as Troy Brown Jr. for more size around the perimeter.

Lakers offense would look better than the Nuggets. Lakers Injury

Westbrook’s struggles with his offensive game have caused the team to fall apart particularly in the final moments of games where opponents are using to center on Westbrook to impede the Lakers Pick-and-roll attack as well as driving lanes. It’s gotten to the point where opponents ignore him whenever they’re out of the paint and he’s in no way of forcing them to pay. Because of that alone this means that the Lakers offense would look better than the Nuggets.

Westbrook hasn’t shown the speed and energy to get past slow defenders. Perhaps having some time off can allow him to get his physical form back and appear like his former self as a complete player. In spite of his strong defensive efforts but the Lakers will probably be better off with a different version of Westbrook that we’ve seen in the beginning of the season.

Other Lakers injury report

The remainder of the Lakers report of injuries include LeBron James (left foot soreness) and Anthony Davis (left foot soreness) Although they’re both considered likely and probable to play.

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